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Two special


The feeling of hospitality begins in the Portuguese cobblestone patio, accompanied by an old well that transports us to the times when this entire space teemed with agricultural activity. This room was once an old wine cellar, renovated in 2019, blending its historic charm with some modern touches, and is ready to host small events in a calm and intimate setting.

The main room, in a modern and glass-enclosed style, is surrounded by gardens and vegetation, providing a constant sense of merging with nature. Upon entering, we are greeted by a lush eucalyptus tree and a river passing under an old bridge. As we proceed, we are then delighted by the transparency of the glass room, French-style gardens, and the lawn

A Bride Room é uma sala privada, com WC que podem reservar para vossa comodidade. Num ambiente acolhedor e tranquilo usufruam deste espaço para a preparação da noiva ou noivo.

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